portrait of Pietro Vallome in front of a laptop

Who am I

I am Pietro, a highly creative professional with a background in Graphic Design and a deep understanding of Marketing. I have a strong ability to create visually compelling content that tells a story and drives engagement. My expertise in design and storytelling, coupled with my experience in marketing, allows me to help elevate the brand's visual communication and achieve marketing goals.

I am driven by a deep desire to understand the underlying motivations and goals behind every project I take on. This allows me to bring a unique perspective and innovative approach to my work, ensuring that every aspect of a project is carefully considered and executed with precision and care. Whether it is through careful research, strategic planning, or creative problem-solving, my goal is always to deliver outstanding results that exceed expectations.

In my free time, I love to travel and explore new places, particularly with my campervan. I have a passion for the great outdoors and enjoy hiking and diving in my adventures. I very much enjoy woodworking, where I can work with my hands and bring my ideas to life. Additionally, I am an avid gamer, playing both video games and board games with friends and family. Lastly, I am deeply interested in environmental sustainability and enjoy learning about ways to protect and preserve our planet.

If you are interested in learning more about my work and professional background, I would be happy to connect with you.

  • Location: Remote (GMT +1)
  • Languages: EN, ES, IT