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During my time at SmartRecruiters, I played a vital role in creating a variety of marketing assets for different campaigns. My responsibilities covered the entire campaign life-cycle, starting from the initial brainstorming sessions, providing creative ideas, and offering design direction. I was also responsible for ensuring that all materials were properly adapted to different languages, in line with the local market requirements. From kick-off to post-campaign assessments, I worked closely with the marketing team to ensure that all campaigns were executed smoothly and effectively.

Content and product releases

As the lead designer, I was responsible for creating all necessary assets for new content or product releases. This involved developing materials such as ebooks, case studies, PDFs, as well as working on a comprehensive 150-page guide and a book.
Selection of content pieces
In addition to creating release assets, I was tasked with creating all promotional materials, including email templates, banners, social media posts, ads, webinar decks, and videos.
Selection of banners for different campaigns for releases

Aquisitions and founding rounds

I was part of the core team tasked with sensitive announcements, such as acquisitions and funding rounds. I was responsible for designing assets, including ebooks, logos, PDFs, banners, and social media posts, to communicate these important updates to the public.
Selection of banners for different announcements

Additionally, I was involved in producing short promotional videos for these announcements.

In conclusion, during my time at SmartRecruiters, I played a key role in the creation of assets for various campaigns, ranging from new product releases, to sensitive announcements. I was responsible for providing design direction and creating material to effectively communicate important updates to the public. My work played a crucial part in the success of the campaigns and helped to effectively communicate the message to the target audience.