Platform infographic

Platform infographic

During my time at Sociomantic Labs I was assigned a project to create an infographic that would effectively communicate their programmatic advertising technology to a wider audience. The goal was to make a complex topic understandable and accessible to a non-technical audience.

I began by creating a print version of the infographic that could be conveniently folded into a postcard format, making it easy to distribute during events and meetings.
Print version of the infographic
Next, I created a customizable deck version of the infographic for the sales team to use during presentations and pitches. This allowed them to easily explain the technology and its benefits to potential clients.
Deck version of the infographic

In conclusion, the creation of the infographic for Sociomantic Labs was a success in simplifying and communicating a complex topic of programmatic advertising. The versatility of the infographic in both print and presentation formats allowed for easy distribution and customization for events and sales pitches.