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As a versatile designer with a passion for video, I have used my skills to create a diverse range of content for both personal and commissioned projects. I utilize a wide range of techniques and tools to bring my ideas to life, from scriptwriting and shooting to editing and post-production.

On this page, a curated collection of some of my video projects can be viewed.
  • Company: Multiple
  • Project type: Videos
  • Years: 2012 - 2014

Lost in South East Asia

A visual narrative capturing my journey through South-East Asia, including stops in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. This was a personal project filmed post-university graduation during my sabbatical period.

How to make a board

A two-part short documentary highlighting the creation of a handcrafted longboard. This personal project combined my passions for videography and woodworking, and received widespread popularity, achieving an aggregated view count of over 100,000.

VS veicoli speciali

I collaborated with an agency to create a promotional video for VS Veicoli Speciali, a small company specializing in customizing vehicles. While creating the video, I aimed to showcase the passion of the artisans in their work and the excellence of the Made in Italy brand.

Torino social innovation

I was tasked to create a video that highlighted the vibrant startup ecosystem in Turin, showcasing the initiatives and opportunities available for entrepreneurs and startups. The goal was to promote the city as a hub for innovation and creativity.

I choose, I want, I am

I created a short documentary that chronicled the dreams and challenges of a young tennis player. This was a personal project that showcased my skills in video production and storytelling.